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10 Things Strong Women Don’t Give a Damn About

Women are strong creatures, and when they show their strength to the world, they light up their surroundings with their aura.

Strong women who are unafraid to showcase their strength are like rare jewels and present a lot for the world to learn from their never-say-die spirit and their tremendous inner strength.

They are unafraid to challenge the so-called rules of the world and are often touted as feminists when all they are doing is living their lives on their own terms. And refusing to allow some things to hold them down.

If you have any doubts, here are some of the admirable characteristics of strong women. If you find that any of these apply to the women in your life, don’t ever let them go.

  1. They could care less about what other people think of them 

They have built themselves through hardship and hard work, and are proud of the person they have become. Such women do not care what the public thinks about them.

2. They are happy with their appearances

The modern society has placed so many restrictions on what it thinks the ‘perfect’ woman should conform to, that it is impossible for the average woman to meet its target. The strong woman knows that so long as she is healthy and fit, she does not need to meet any standard society body measurements. She’s worth a lot more than just her outer appearances.

3. They have their own fashion style

They could care less about what the latest fashion trends have to say, especially when it comes to the type of clothes women are expected to wear to conform to their body types. So long as her clothes make her comfortable, she could care less.

4. She loves to learn

A strong woman is not afraid to accept her mistake when she is wrong. She is always ready to learn, even when it means that her own opinion is going to be proven wrong because she is more interested in increasing her knowledge than petty egos.

5. They will not allow toxic relationships to rule their lives

If the relationship turns foul, abusive or poisonous, the strong woman does not fear to get out of it. She will end a relationship that she deems unfit for her physical or mental health.

6. They are willing to experiment with the bed

She believes herself to be equal in all walks of life, including the boudoir. She is willing to try out different experiments to spice up her life and is an equal partner when it comes to pleasing herself, or her significant other.

7. She doesn’t rely on social media to validate her boost

A strong woman believes in the real world and in making friends she knows and can interact with physically, not just on the web, and out doing things that would make a difference in the world. She doesn’t care about her social posts do not garner endless numbers of ‘Likes’ and she could care less if her opinions offend others.

8.Comfort matters

Stylish stilettos look beautiful, and every woman craves them. But strong women don’t really think that beauty is more important than comfort after 30 minutes of wearing their footwear! She doesn’t shy away from wearing flats, pumps or wedges, so long as her feet are happy! And if the situation arises, she’s willing to spend the night barefooted!

9. They’re not Gossip Queens

A strong woman is happy because she is content with her life. That is one of the major things that define her. She’s not interested in how others around her have messed up their lives because she’s more into making her own life, and that of others around her, happier.

10. They are happy with their own selves

A strong woman is happy with the life she has created for herself and does not feel the need to fit into society’s stereotypes. She is proud of the things that define her and set her apart, and could care less about playing by the rule book!

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