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Accidents and Coincidences Don’t Exist- Nothing Is Random

Coincidence is the pseudonym of God when he doesn’t want to sign his name.

The Universe works in amazing ways to connect people. People often go to extremes on their search for the perfect home, ideal job, soulmate and so on.

But behind the seeming chaos of every-day life, the ‘machinery’ of the Universe is working at full speed to give us what we want. It’s a sort of ‘Cosmic Center for Coincidence Management.’

Nothing is ever random, even though we’re in the habit of attributing great events as God’s doing. But everything that ever occurs in life is the product of your thoughts and intentions.

When you’re on the road to fulfill your deepest desires, keep in mind that the Universe already knows your intentions, and is the conductor orchestrating the events of your life. It’s up to you to do the best to your abilities and let the Cosmic Center take care of the rest.

Doing all you can do, and leaving those things you cannot influence to a greater power, can make amazing things happen. Plan, adjust, calculate everything you can, and let the rest take its natural course- the ability to let go of things is vital.

People you meet along your path are like characters from the script of your life, and it’s your job to work on improving the script so that the movie turns out as good as possible. Everything is in your hands, and the way you direct your life is all up to you!

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