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Inside The Mind Of The Girl Broken By A Narcissist

The most unfortunate fact of being with a narcissist is that you don’t realize it until you have reached an unhealthy point in the relationship. Narcissist feeds off your energy and is often very good at hiding their true colors. By the time, you actually notice their true self, you are already broken inside. It is not easy to spot a narcissist as easily as you might think.

Some people are very lucky to escape the grasp of a narcissist on them, but even after escaping the troublesome and abusive relationship, the person remains damaged. Just because a girl has ended the relationship with her narcissist husband, does not mean that she is not tortured inside.  She is undergoing something terrible even now because she was not aware of the misery, pain, and agony, she was signing herself up for.

How Does She Feel?

Unable to Trust

She is a victim even after the narcissist abuser is gone. She is not able to go back to the state of mind she had before she went into a relationship with the narcissist. She trusted him completely and always believed that he was there for her, but now the same thing has turned against her and she is unable to trust her loved ones who truly care for her.  She is haunted and unable to trust.

Unable to Love

She believes that she is not good enough and that is the reason, that person turned abusive towards her. She is not able to love herself and drowns herself in self-pity and inferiority complex. When you do not get the appreciation in a relationship, whose appreciation you need the most, it changes you completely in a bad way. It makes her think that she is not good enough, not worth anyone’s time and makes her question her worth every time.

Feeling empty

She feels empty inside and misses him too, even though she knows that he was using her and abusing her but still she loves him. She is not able to change her mindset and still see his face everywhere and is afraid to love again. She feels that if she loves again, she might end up in the same way, in a toxic relationship.

How to Heal Herself?

Love herself again

She does not need someone to come and sweep her off her feet because a new man cannot heal everything inside her. Slowly, she needs to love herself again and come out of the previous toxic relationship mentally.

Time Heals

She needs to allow her heart and mind to come back to that state where she was earlier and work on improving herself. She has to believe that she can overcome all the toxicity the narcissist put on her and move forward with life. Time is a great healer and will help her heal her wounds and find her true self again which she thought she had lost forever.

She has to believe in herself

She is strong inside that is the only reason she was able to sustain that hellish relationship for so long. She just has to believe in herself, in her strength and believe that she can overcome this phase of life as well. She will come out of this phase, better than she was before she entered into that narcissist relationship. Anyone broken by a narcissist is not a lost cause, she just has to believe in herself.

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