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Spiritual Sex: A Different Kind Of Intimacy

Spiritual sex is a way for enlightenment

Spiritual sex and spirituality mean different things to different people. For some, it may be just a way of releasing stress and for some it means exploring different dimensions and meanings.

Spiritual sex can be a way to attain a higher level of spirituality. There are different ways to reach there. Many follow different paths and we can show you a few ways to achieve this destination.

Meditative sex –

It is not just casual sex. The intercourse is very deep, loving and long. Being in deep embrace, silent and non-moving, the lovers can reach the pinnacle of orgasm and enlightenment. The easiest way is to forget that ‘sex’ is the objective. Viewing it as ‘sex’ can hamper the whole process. Letting it flow and being aware of the sensations is the key.

Tantric sex –

Everyone has heard of this term. Couples who have tried tantric sex claim to have a better and a more fulfilling experience. This type of sex has a lot to do with exchange of energies and increases your sexual experience. Sexual connect with yourself and your partner improves with tantric sex and the way to enlightenment will draw closer.

Sexual union –

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that activate the chakras of the body. Sex is not the solution and never will be. Sexual union is the way to feeling united and going deeper into your conscience. This type of union requires concentration on the exchange of energy and once the union is complete, the end result is something worth waiting for.

After-glow –

The glow after reaching the orgasm is real. It is scientifically proven. Serotonin is released from the brain while the act is on which gives us a feeling of euphoria. After reaching the highest point you can, leaving or moving away from your partner is not the way. An embrace which lasts long, a cuddle which is loving and a smile which is reassuring should be the way to end the act. The way to enlightenment is not simple. There are many ways and types of achieving it. After all, sex is a wonderful way to reach that goal with your partner.

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